Virtual Estimate

Virtual Estimate:

Please note we are still doing in person estimates and feel safe providing these. We will wear a mask when we meet for our in person estimate and respect your home. 

Virtual estimate is another way of providing an estimate for those who feel uneasy about an  in person estimate. It also is a good way of saving time for both parties, as we can provide a ballpark amount and see if that will work within your budget. Either way you choose we are just happy to provide you with an estimate! 

We can do virtual estimates in 2 different ways: 

Provide details about your project via email: 
Scope of work, rough measurements, amount of colors, and then also send clear pictures of referred project. 


We schedule a FaceTime, Zoom, or Facebook Live call. We will discuss your scope of work, measurements, color choices, and then you can tour me through what you’re looking for. 

Again, we are happy to provide these options for you but are also willing to try new and different things, if you feel you need something different, just let us know!