COVID - 19

We take the health of our employees, their families, our customers very seriously. Our business has put the following procedures in place to help stop the spread of disease and also help keep our community safe.

  • Those who do not feel well will stay home
  • Practice social distancing both on and off the job
  • Continue to follow everyday prevention measures: wash hands often, wear a mask. 
  • For interior jobs we will assign an appropriate number of staff to maintain physical distancing and masks will be worn. 
  • For exterior jobs, our staff will wear masks when within 6ft of another staff member when interacting with customers. 
  • All staff are provided with the appropriate PPE for all jobs.

If you’re worried at all about an upcoming project or in person estimate please let us know: we will find a way to set up a virtual estimate, or to reschedule a project. We don’t want to make anyone feel unsafe or unhealthy.