Painting Services

All Your Painting Needs In One Company

We have done it all with quality and cleanliness!


  • Painting – walls, ceilings, doors, floors, kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, trim and more
  • Staining – windows, trim, doors and woodwork


  • Painting – siding, soffit/facia, doors, porches, concrete and steps
  • Staining – siding

We Specialize In Residential Repaints

  • Trim
  • Base
  • Crown
  • Doors
  • Walls and Ceilings
  • Kitchen Cabinets


We use premium Sherwin Williams, Hallman Lindsay and Benjamin Moore products and paints, passing our contractor pricing onto our customers. We’re well educated on the science behind all the interior and exterior paint products we use.

New Construction - Interior Painting

We work with many general contractors along with homeowners. We finish many new residential houses.

Spraying out ceilings and walls, and also rolling out ceilings and walls. 

We can spray whole trim sets in houses or Pre-Finish trim and do a final coat after installation. We offer any way you can think of and we’ve done it too.

 New commercial construction, and remodels. We are able to paint in any type of commercial or business you can think of. We’ve worked on banks, pet places, coffee shops, ect.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Awesome, you’ve decided to transform your kitchen living space and want a bold new look!  We’ve done over 100 cabinet sets and just wanted to let you know our tried and true process for great results! 

Our Process:

  • First we label and remove all doors, drawer faces ( if possible), and then all hardware. Hardware includes nobs or pulls, hinges, and stoppers.  We label all of the doors and drawers neatly and accurately so when we reinstall everything goes back in snug and neat! How perfect!
  • We then take your doors back to our workshop where we finish them. 
  • This process includes: degreasing the doors to get any containment’s off the wood. We then scuff sand with sand paper to make sure we get proper adhesion with the primer coat. We also use a deglosser solvent to catch any shiny areas left after sanding and also helps get any left over dust. Again this is for proper adhesion. 
  • We will then fill any dents or cracks that are requested or should be filled.
  • We then start the painting process on the doors!  
  • We spray the doors and drawers every set we do! Why?  Because that’s going to give the Best and Most professional looking finish! No questions asked! 
  • We apply two coats of Sherwin Williams oil based extreme bond primer.  We then apply two coats of enamel paint made for cabinets, doors, and wood world. We either use Sherwin Williams Pro classic or Sherwin Williams Emerald urethane trim paint. We can use other manufacturers coatings but just ask first. 
  • For the boxes- the cabinet part that is not removed, we follow a similar system. We degrease the boxes. We sand to get the proper adhesion. We do a once over with a deglosser solvent. We then fill any holes and caulk all gaps in the face frame so that it looks like one solid piece of wood. 
  • We then do two oil topcoats for priming and two topcoats of enamel. 
  • Once this is done, we bring doors and drawers and we reinstall!  We check for any touchups and you have yourself a beautiful new looking kitchen for less than half the costs of new cabinets!

We can also change out the hardware, f
ill holes and add new holes. 

Why do we use oil primer?
Over the years we’ve found its best for stain blocking and any Tanin bleeding that may come through. 

Painting For Property Managers

Our expertise in large property repaints includes exterior pressure washing, painting and general maintenance as well as interior painting, staining and general maintenance on units, common areas, elevator bays and other spaces unique to multi-tenant buildings. We keep our work areas clean and free of debris, pledge to finish on time and at minimal disruption to your tenants.